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Thankfulness and forgiveness are HUGE in the Kingdom – HUGE.

We all know what thankfulness is, especially during the month of November. So let’s talk about forgiveness and how you can pursue your own healing through forgiveness. First, you have forgiveness with the Lord, God forgave you and continues to forgive us through His GRACE & MERCY—But (I emphasize), that connection may be severed because there is someone you need to forgive. — Forgiveness IS a choice, NOT an emotion.— Forgiveness IS NOT saying that something is okay. What that person did or said to you is NOT okay. Hurt people hurt people. I’ve said and done many things to loved ones that I want to take back. I hope they’ve forgiven me.— Forgiveness says: I NO LONGER hold you accountable. I’m NOT going to let you own that part of me. I’m NOT going to let you rule that part of my life.Emotional pain is real, we’re human, sometimes there’s so much pain, we still have to work through the pain. And that’s okay.Don’t let the person that caused the pain rule or overlord your life.Pick up the phone or meet face-to-face.“I choose to forgive you for…”“I no longer hold judgement against you for…”— then just walk away or say bye and hang up. Move at the speed of your obedience. Forgive when your ready and set yourself free.

Stay blessed, stay woke, stay tuned


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