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Have you ever lay awake in bed in the middle of the night…

Have you ever lay awake in bed in the middle of the night, listening to the lies in your head while replaying a conversation in your mind that hasn’t taken place yet? Have you found yourself getting angry while you told that “said” individual what you really thought about them and how f’d up they are?(I’m such a flawed individual. I often wonder why Jesus puts up with me. The pursuit. He’s relentless.)The anxiety behind a conversation rooted in the stress of deception, worrying about something I ultimately have no control over. Or do I?The father of lies makes it worse, heaping bad intel into my mind like dirt in my empty grave, wanting me to die for him, succumbing to a world of unrighteous behavior. Steal, kill, destroy, relationships, career, hearts, minds, souls…sounds occult like(OAN, the enemy doesn’t have any real power.)Then Jesus spoke. I came to destroy the works of the devil. Lord…take my worrisome evil and give me more of you…love, joy, peace & patience, angels walk before me, tear down the strongholds, line the walls with GRACE, Holy Spirt guide my feet, sharpen my tongue, fill me with wholesome words and a kind heart. This world is not for me. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. If only I could click my heels three times and be caught to heaven. …I’m already there? But am I though?-On earth as it is in heaven. Is that just a phrase because my present reality doesn’t seem so?-Open your eyesShow me your Glory-Open yours eyesShow me your Glory-Open your eyesThey are open!! It’s 2am.-Obviously you’re not looking hard enough.


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