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Equip The Body
Win The Battle
Advance The Kingdom

Stand Firm

You Are The Only You
God Has


The “evil” day is something that every person has been through and will go through.

The enemy will tempt and influence you, but you are responsible and response-able.

Don’t spend time and energy focusing on and worrying about things outside your control.

Life does not come from the world; it comes from Jesus. Don’t live a naïve Christian life.

If you are in Christ, the enemy has no power, place, presence, or authority over you.

Give the battle to the Lord, He is faithful.

The Big “So What?”

This program matters because there’s a target on your back.

Life is a battle and just like physical war:

  • You would never go into combat without your equipment.
  • You would never go into combat without proper training.
  • You would never go into combat (alone) without a battle buddy or team.

Spiritually, we do this every day. We’re ill-equipped, not trained, and isolated.

Because of that, we lose ground to the enemy. Training (in godliness) with the Armor of God changes that!


James Jones

I'm your battlefield guide.

I’m not a pastor, preacher, deacon, or elder. I haven’t been to seminary nor do I have a degree in theology or biblical studies.  

…but what I do have is a burning desire for Christ in my heart and since 2003, an affinity for the Armor of God.

I’ve been a believer in Jesus since a young age, but on March 3rd, 2018, I came to ‘believe’ Jesus.  I used to know of Him, but now I know Him. I’m a follower.

My partnership with you in this walk reflects a deep belief that the real value in following Christ only happens in dying to yourself daily, getting dressed daily, and recognizing Christ as Lord of all.

I bring over two decades of military leadership equipping Soldiers for peacetime and wartime.

I’ve seen the effects of both physical and spiritual war. Both battlefields have injury and death.  

Christian life is combat, and just like physical war, Christians get wounded and experience trauma – emotionally, physically, and mentally. Some of us even die and need spiritual resurrection or spiritual renewal. We need encouragement, uplifting, edification, nutrition, and healing from our Lord Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let’s get dressed.

What am I fighting for?

The Truth


We live in a world with many truths and Jesus’s truth is challenged every day. This happens internally through emotions, reactions, and thought patterns, as well as, externally, through visual and auditory cues from culture, society, and public opinion.

Our battles are not fistfights. They are not defensive arguments. This world war is a fight for what’s true. As a soldier for Christ, you must be willing to fight for what’s true.

At the frontlines of every battle is – truth.

  • The truth about what God
  • The truth about Jesus
  • The truth about the life God has planned for you.


During combat you don’t rise to the level of your expectations, you fall back to the level of your conditioning and training.

The enemy will tell you otherwise and plant thoughts. 

Therefore, your ability to fight for what’s true flows from your identity in Christ – from your character, behavior, decisions, and actions.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to present the person of Jesus? Am I going to present truth in love?”